Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Another Monday

No one I know really likes Mondays. They're full of rest-is-over, back-to-the-grind kind-of feelings. Sometimes they're a relief; allowing escape of the sometimes-discord of home and hearth--more of a false relief, really, since work would be but a temporary evasion.
Nonetheless, not the most loved day of the week. Mondays, therefore, are a good day to recall the God-gifts of the previous week. Take the focus off of my baggage and put it on He who carries my weight. Here I am again, Lord. Your work and Your blessings are not lost on me this week; may they never be:

*My mate who, daily, strives to be more sensitive; I see you. I feel your love & I am blessed by you.

*Friends with whom to share time; friends with whom to talk shop; friends with whom to cry; friends with whom to celebrate

*Growth in Kiddo's ability to speak & communicate

*Summer reaching its end

*An opportunity to make healthy habits, lap by lap

*First grade readiness

*Ann's September Joy Dare for Sept. 1: 3 Gifts of Summer
          -Nights to stay up late, hanging out with my man
          -Days to sleep in & lounge around
          -Fun at the pool with my Kiddo

There are so very many more...aid my counting of all of these, Jesus, every.single.day.     :)

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