Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Multitudes on Mondays

I'm a day or two late but won't ever come up short when it comes to pouring out my thanks.  The author of this new favorite blog of mine encourages "Multitudes on Mondays." And I'm thinking my participation is necessary.

For a long time now, I've kept a small notebook that, at the top of each page, I write, "What Was Good About Today." I keep a list for our family of the things of the day that were good. It was a practice I started in order to encourage a "Eucharisteo"-perspective to our life--granted I didn't call it that, then.  We often forget to write in it. The dates of the entries are staggered, skipping places  here and there; sometimes a day or two, sometimes a month or two.

Keeping up with rote tasks--even good rote tasks--is not my strong suit. But I recognize, admit the importance and the necessity.  A new beginning, then:

*A child I call mine--even if she is the only one I ever hear call me "Mama," I am blessed by her existence.

*A husband whom I cherish from the deepest part of my heart; who I'm learning to love properly--he can't fulfill me in ways that only God should.

*A place to call home--not just my house but a community; a church; a belonging.

*A summer that has seemed too long, borne me down rough paths, overwhelmed me with expansive and routine-less monotony and frustration but has stirred in me deep, heart-longing desires that won't go away when the leaves of the trees begin to fall.

*Friends upon friends upon friends...far away friends who keep in touch, nearby friends who reach out--my life is fuller because of you.

*Opportunities to be thankful...when I can count them, I know I am blessed.  I find myself looking for them and I don't want to forget.

*Stirring reminders of what it looks like, sounds like, feels like to live my faith...what it means, truly means, to follow Christ.

Anticipating next Monday...

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  1. Good for you for starting fresh! The eucharisteo habit helps me immensely, too. I join my thanks with yours for God's grace and blessings in your life. You are my neighbor at Walk with Him Wednesdays today. I'm glad I stopped by.

    May the Lord fill the rest of your day with joy in Him, no matter what your circumstances.