Monday, October 1, 2012

A New Day of Playing Catch-Up

Making new habits sometimes causes a piling up, of sorts. There is thankfulness that must be shared and I am a week behind! 

There are words that have been marinating around in my head and while I have begun to put them down, I have yet to finish. But today is a new day. And a new day gives us a new start. Thanks be to God!  

No really. THANKS.BE.TO.GOD. :)

Sun., Sept. 16 - 3 Gifts Shared
*Music from the Hubbs
*Dinner with friends in Life Group
*Bowl of yummy soup with BestFriend

Mon., Sept. 17 - 3 Gifts Ugly-Beautiful
*A scar that became the entrance for my   daughter's life
*My body--saggy & stretched but made fearfully & wonderfully
*My messy car--crumb-covered & stained but functional & reliable

Tues., Sept. 18 - A Gift Fixed, Folded, Freckled
*God's love fixed firmly on me
*A brand new curtain, folded carefully
*The nose of one of my fave fictional characters

Wed., Sept. 19 - 3 Gifts in Conversation
        *God is purely just & purely merciful, equally & perfectly (in Life Group)
        *Chatting w/ mom & dad on the phone & on Skype; Chatting w/ my sis on FaceTime!
        *Sarah Groves song, "Conversations"

Thurs., Sept. 20 - 3 Gifts in Salvation
        *I have it!
        *It's free!
        *It sets the tone for my whole life

Fri., Sept. 21 - 3 Gifts in Information
        *Social Networking
        *Ability to learn about Hayden's meds 
        *PA's resources for Autism

Sat., Sept. 22 - A Gift Rattling, Receding, Reclaiming
        *Suitmate swim suit water extractor
        *The Heat
        *My identity in Christ

 Sun., Sept. 23 - 3 Gifts Quiet
        *Chair-sitting at bedtime
        *Moments of solitude at the pool, in waiting rooms, & in the car
*Prayer Listening

Mon., Sept. 24 - 3 Gifts Funny
        *Laughter w/ small group
        *Quirky Hayden-isms...
Me: "Hayden, what are you doing?" Her: "I'm just thinking about my day!"
        *My Hubbs 

Tues., Sept. 25 - 3 Gifts Finished
        *2 weeks of finished swimming
        *Laundry (whenever that happens!)
        * When dinner is made 

Wed., Sept. 26 - 3 Gifts Flourishing
*My kiddo's school progress
*The tiny seeds we planted beneath the dirt in the garden
*Our friendships and sense of belonging in this community

Thurs., Sept. 27 - A Gift Unexpected, Uneven, Unpopular
*Unexpected texts from friends
*Uneven, as in imperfect…embracing this about myself
*Enter through the narrow gate…an unpopular route; thankful for the directions

Fri., Sept. 28 - 3 Gifts Shy
*My Hubbs…shy by nature but bold with friends
*Being the first to say hello…others are shy but I must not be! 
*Leo…hides under the covers like we can't see him

Sat., Sept. 29 - 3 Gifts Shelved
*Bibles…to be able to own them unhidden
*Picture box full of memories
*Rows of words and stories and encouragement

Sun., Sept. 30 - 3 Gifts Shining
*The sun sparkling the water
*Freshly cleaned car
*Brand new plastic rain boots


  1. I like that you're doing this. It's helped remind me, everyone can find something to be thankful for, no matter the different lives we lead. Keep up a good habit. :)