Thursday, February 10, 2011

Oh My!

So Hayden has been expressing quite a large amount of personal independence lately that makes us react in one of two ways:  exasperation/anger or laughter.  Today was a great day for the laughter end of things.

In an effort to clear out our cluttered garage, I decided to finally sift through all the crap and photograph a few things to advertise on Facebook, make a Goodwill pile, and label the boxes of stuff that we're keeping.  To begin, I put the stuff to be photographed in the house while I straightened everything else in the garage.  Some of those things included old car seats and a baby swing.  Among other things, this is what I discovered her doing:

 While in the garage, putting the swing cover in to wash, Hayden decided that she was going to swing...

 While I was at the task of laundering covers of things, I decided to launder the cover of this item...the papasan that Hayden used when she was an infant.  Once it was clean and dry and back on the frame, I let Hayden play with it and this is what she did.

I was so ready to be mad and yell at this but just couldn't maintain it.  Hayden has really taken a liking to our cat.  It's enough of a liking that Leo has decided that the only place he can snooze undisturbed is on top of the entertainment center where Hayden can't reach him to pull him down and give him bear hugs.  But alas, she has discovered a way to trap him...

In addition to her silly shenanigans today, we've had several snow days where we've done some fun things.   Here are a few:

 Fort building...

 Playing in the fort

 Checking out the roof of the fort

 Silly camera antics (that's fodder for a whole 'nother post!)

 LOTS of Facebook... :)

 Kelly making midnite trips to the mailbox in several inches of snow

 Snowpocalypse #1...Feb. 1-4

Sittin' in the snow

After we cleaned off the cars

 Sooo much cooking...this was potato soup w/ Sicilian cheese paninis...was craving McAllister's hardcore and so made my favorite meal of theirs. In addition, over the two weeks, I made white chili, chocolate chip cookies, roast chicken, spaghetti, chicken & noodles, snow ice cream, sandwiches, and other various items that now escape me...

 The panini

 Gooey cheese!

 The soup

 Hayden was having fun with her babies...or putting them in the stocks; one of the two. :)

So there was a small taste of our massive amount of time spent indoors.  We've been to school three times in the past two weeks.  In addition to all of this, we watched the Toy Story trilogy about 8000 times as well as Word World, Elmo, Dora, the Backyardigans and Wonder Pets.  There was also an abundance of coloring...I'll get some pics of that art work and post them sometime but just to give you a perspective, she colored every single page in her Mickey Mouse coloring book.  And she took pictures...lots and lots of pictures.  When I uploaded all of her work to my computer, there were over 300 pictures.  So we bought her this.  I will post some of her photography in yet another post sometime very soon as well as some of our snow shots.  But for now, this is how we spent our time during the double blizzard.  Loves and hugs to you all! :)


  1. Your poor cat. I like how she figured a way for her to keep him where she wants him. haha

  2. Leo is such a mellow fellow, that I don't think he minds. I died laughing tho!!!! Too, loved the fort pictures. You and DeDe loved to do this too. You did it for hours, if memory serves.

  3. Mom, yes, Dede and I did the fort-building quite often, although we referred to it as our "Genie Bottle," after the inside of Genie's bottle from the TV show, "I Dream of Genie." :)
    Christina, yes, she figures ways to do this all the time. We are lucky he is so patient. Hahaha. :)