Thursday, September 16, 2010


Kelly and I have discovered that whenever we go to the psychologist's office for testing, we leave in bad moods, feeling very discouraged and frustrated.  I think this is due largely to our being in the "in-between."  That is, in between a firm diagnosis and a big, fat question mark.  The diagnosis is important to us because it will  help us lay a foundation on which we will build the way in which we approach learning, behavioral intervention, etc.  I just don't want to have spent all this time and money and effort to hear something ambiguous and unhelpful.

Tomorrow we will know...I hope.  This past Tuesday, we were supposed to finish testing.  Hayden was going to go to school on Friday and Kelly and I were going to go to the parent conference.  Unfortunately, Hayden had an off day and was just not cooperative.  She didn't throw fits or anything like that but her attention span, which is always so short, was practically non-existent.  She managed to actually get through about 3 or 4 questions but with extreme effort and much repeating on the parts of myself and the psychologist.  So Hayden will go with us tomorrow, finish the testing, and then we will do parent conference.

I know I will be nervous tomorrow.  I was a bundle of nerves on Tuesday.  I just want to get this done so we can press on and so we can know the best ways in which to press on!  Pray for us, if you will.  I would be so appreciative.  We'll let you know how it goes!


  1. We will be praying that you get the information you need to begin the process of doing what's best for Hayden and your family. Also praying for God's peace, presence, and direction.

  2. Reta, thank you so much for your prayers! I am very blessed to call you my friend! :)